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Edjuh in 1978


Mijn Opa 


1907 - 1986

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I'm So tired of it all


All my life I've been so lonesome.

If happiness came, I missed the call.

All my dreams have been so aimless

And now I'm so Tired of it all.


In life and love, I've been a loser.

And too many tears had to fall.

And nothing but broken vows and promises.

And now I'm so tired of it all.


All I ever loved I lost.

Helpless I've watched my castles fall.

Tomorrow brings nothing but sorrow.

And now I'm so tired of it all.


From here I know I'll soon be goin'.

And no one will miss me, after all.

And up there, I know I'll find contentment.

'cause down here I'm so tired of it all.




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I'm So Tired Of It All

Bron: Youtube - via Edjuh.nl

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Merle Haggard - Going Where The Lonely Go

Bron: Youtube - Via Edjuh.nl